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The 3 People I Spend The Most Time With

posted by Heather June 27, 2019 2 Comments
There are plates people, and there are bowls people. We are 100% bowls people.
The Bergeron’s do NOT pack light for an afternoon away from home.
I clearly remember being mesmerized by this view from the back of our family’s boat growing up. I could watch it for hours.
Sometimes when I look at her, I can’t believe how similar we are.
SUCH a sherpa.
Make Your Own Poké Bowl Night is becoming a weekly thing at our home. Tonight was Brooke’s first night here for it 🙂
Ran out to give her a hug goodbye. She ADORES Maya.
When it’s school vacation, the front desk turns into Romper Room.
Weekday brunch 🙂 Trying to eat more vegetables and less meat.
REALLY liked this. Going to add some ginger tomorrow and unsweetened Greek yogurt to add a little protein.
My father in law puts rugs under his car tires.
And, has THE SLICKEST garage floor.
Paleo Power Meals for the TOTAL win.
I will say, his form is sort of spot on.
Somehow, they’ll still say there’s nothing to snack on.
“Working from home”.
Homemade Ranch dressing: homemade mayo, unsweetened almond milk, fresh lemon juice, & spices.
And, underneath all of that is a huge pile of greens from our vegetable garden 🙂
Ben’s Dad recently got back from Florida for the season and did a birthday shopping/lunch day with the kids. Bode got a new Lego set and Harley Love went to Build A Bear and made a horse that she named Lady Bug.
Maya made Harley Love dinner 🙂

Aside from Harley Love and Bode, I spend most of my time with the same three people every day: Ben, Maya, and Katrin. While I would love to add Jonah to that list, the unfortunate truth is, especially in the summer when he is volunteering at Camp Jabberwocky on Martha’s Vineyard, it’s a period of time when we just don’t get to physically be near one another as much as we would like.

Those three, however, are the people that know me better than anyone else, are up to speed every day with what’s going on in my life, I trust the most in both their thoughts and actions, and who have proved their love and loyalty to me over the many years I’ve known each of them. They are not my “everything”, but they are three people who I feel an enormous obligation to serving well every day in return for the way they have cared for me over time.

As much as I’m painting a picture of a conflict-free life with them, we all know that would be a lie. There are inevitably times when each of them do something that bothers me on some level. Ben will do something as small as give the kids an entire sleeve of rice cakes to eat in the back seat of my car (the #1 crumbliest snack of all time), to as big as schedule a business event on our sacred family day (Sundays). Maya will insist on calling me well after my bedtime every night she’s at college because it’s convenient for her, and will sometimes spend noticeably more time at her Dad’s than with us. Kat will regularly set the fire alarm off sending us scrambling around the house to throw every window and door open in the dead of the winter, sometimes at 6am…when the kids are still fast asleep.

Sitting here in my rational, patient state, I recognize that none of those are monumentally terrible things at all. But, in the moment when all the stars align (I’m overtired, I’ve had a long day of things not going my way, etc.), I won’t have as much clarity and will allow these sorts of things to really eat away at my soul.

The thing that I do to help pull me back to reality when I feel myself getting frustrated with the people I love is this: I think back to a time when they really came through for me in my own time of need, a time when they gave up a lot of their own time and energy to invest in supporting me through a hard time. With Ben, I think about the times he’s dropped everything in his life, with zero hesitation, to be with me to care for my father in the hospital or simply come home to hold me close to him while I cried…for hours. For Maya, I think about the times she’s taken my own hardships on as her own; all of the times she’s looked at me with those eyes and spoke to me with that intention in her voice that left me without question about how I was not going to have to feel the hurt all by myself. And, Kat. This is a young woman who I have always been able to count on to completely dial into every detail and every angle of the many challenges I have faced from family alcoholics, body image issues, and friendships I have struggled with.

The moment I catch myself getting caught up in the little, minor things that are unimportant in the big picture, I go to these qualities and am immediately brought back to what does matter and how incredibly lucky I am to have them each in my life every day. All of each of them.


Nichole Johnson June 27, 2019 at 2:59 pm

I look soooo forward to your posts everyday. When you dont post for several days, I find myself wondering if everything is ok and I dont even know you, although I feel like I do to some degree. 🙂 This post was great for me! I often get side tracked by those little things that frustrate me and forget the reality that these people in my life are awesome 99.9% of the time. Thank you for this post! This will be the first thing that comes to my mind next time Im annoyed by someone close to me. THANK YOU FOR HELPING TO BRING ME BACK TO REALITY! Im not perfect and neither are the ones I love!

Heather July 3, 2019 at 9:16 pm

Ahhh, Nicole! Yes. NO ONE is perfect, despite how we portray them to ourselves most of the time. But, it’s those imperfections that make them so relatable and make it more comfortable for us to be ourselves. Perfect, in that sense, would be anything BUT perfect 🙂 Thank you for reading!!!


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