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The Bergeron Birthday Week

posted by Heather May 12, 2019 0 comments
This week we have THREE birthdays in our house, plus Mother’s Day on Sunday. It’s a low stress week. Sandwiched in the middle with Harley Love’s Performance Day, too.
Katrin requested Make-Your-Own-Poké-Bowls Night for her birthday dinner 🙂
Little bit obsessed with this man.
Bode “took” my class today!!! I was coaching my class through a warm-up with the Hip Halo, looked over, and saw him with the Halo around his knees just like everyone else. Unreal.
HL’s first BOKS session!
Just in time for us to assemble it for his birthday party.
I feel sexy.
LOVE my stylist, Amanda Lee, at Salon Rae Cal in Worcester 🙂
Holding one of his best buddy’s hands, John.
Rick helps us pick out our plants every Spring 🙂
That nose, tho?

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