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The Bergeron Cell Phone Challenge: Are You In?

posted by Heather January 24, 2018 0 comments

Harry’s new puppy, Hannah. I AM OBSESSED.

We may need to get a puppy now.

She and her 6 siblings were found on the side of a road in a cardboard box. He, literally, saved her little life. If we ever get a dog, that’s what we’re doing.

Bode working on his “L” letter bag drawings.

Literally, the dirtiest laundry I have ever seen from the rainy farm today. I had to wash it before I put it in the washing machine. It was THAT level dirty.

We love that Bode’s doing gymnastics.

*Can barely even see her eyes she’s smiling so hard 🙂

*Bode top right corner…makin’ us proud

Ben found this hanging up in Cole Sager’s house while he’s out there training him for the week. I think this is from right after the Games finished in the Athlete area in Madison last summer.

Nothing like when friends leave you samples of their balls in the CFNE fridge 🙂

Got my hands on some bones from our chicken/egg lady to make my own bone broth.

One of the rainiest days at the farm yet. Yes, I feel guilty driving away from them for 4 hours at 8:30am when it’s like this.

MORGAN the train: Bode’s favorite 🙂

Harley Love’s breakfast: Protein-fruit smoothie, bacon, avocado, and HB Muffin

Requested this from the library and it finally got returned. This’ll help my effort to win the cell phone contest this week 🙂

Ben sent me this picture of the “Good Things” I snuck in his suitcase so he’d have something from home to make him feel not so far away. These are from last year; we’ve been reading through them since New Year’s Day.

Bode and I keeping ourselves busy during ballet class.


There is more competitiveness under the roof of the Bergeron roof than I can even sometimes fathom.

The other night, Ben tries to blindside me and comes running over to me with Maya saying, “BABE!  LEMME’ SEE YOUR PHONE!!!  YOU’RE NOT GONNA’ BELIEVE THIS!”

Ben takes my phone and frantically navigates through to some screen that shows you exactly how many minutes and hours you’ve spent on all of the apps and screens on your phone.

He thinks he’s gonna’ “get” me.  I just know that’s what he’s thinking.

Rewind to 2 weeks ago: this little family of mine, minus the mini’s, tried to claim that I was on my phone more than any of them.

I was infuriated because when I tell you that my teenagers are 100% worse at using their phones, particularly in public, I am being totally honest.  It’s no different than what I think most other parents deal with, but for them to sit there and try to label me as the offender was insanity.

So, you should’ve just seen all three of them totally pumped to finally throw me under the bus and prove that I was on Instagram, specifically, more than them.

It almost made me smile to finally have the last word…ESPECIALLY when I had no forewarning.

Anyway, they raised their little surrender flags and told me how they were wrong.  And, I couldn’t have been more satisfied with how that whole thing rolled out.

As of last Sunday, the Bergeron’s (including Miss Little Katrin Davidsdottir who was almost in a puddle of disappointment tears when we pulled up her numbers) have officially begun a little competition: The Bergeron Cell Phone Challenge.

We pulled up and recorded everyone’s top 3 most used apps, with some exceptions, and every Sunday will total up the amount of time spent on that previous week’s top 3.

The person with the lowest time for the previous week’s total top 3 wins a prize, still yet TBD.

The exceptions, for relatively obvious reasons, are these: Spotify, Phone and FaceTime (so we can continue to stay connected to family members, in particular), Waze, MyFitnessPal, Podcasts, and Numbers/Sheets/Docs (for school and training purposes.

Basically, we’re trying to get people out of the habit of being around other people with their heads tilted down using their phone instead of opening opportunities to connect with the people around them.

So, who else is in?

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