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The Bergeron’s Are Meditating

posted by Heather December 13, 2016 0 comments

Literally, the first time I’ve done muscle-ups in the last 6-7 months. Was terrified I wouldn’t even be able to do them at all, and ended up surprising myself, moving better than I thought I would, and feeling no pain in my lat. SO PUMMMMMPED.



Thank GOODNESS this little bundle showed up today from Paleo Power Meals. I am done eating cucumbers and tomatoes and peppers and turkey deli meat with mustard for meals.



Jesus, our Elf On The Shelf, is BACK.


Car wash selfie 🙂


Dinner: 6 oz. of Tempranillo, 6 oz. of PPM Chili, 6 oz. PPM Vegetable Medley, and 4 oz. of egg whites to balance out my macros for the day 🙂


Breakfast/lunch #1: 1/2 cup (uncooked) oats with 1 cup of vanilla almond milk-sea salt-almond extract, 7 oz. mixed fruit, 12 oz. egg whites, 6 oz. PPM Power Veggie Blend, 3 oz. PPM Sweet Potato French Fries.


When you tell this kid to get herself dressed and ready for playgroup. READY.

img_2601 img_2600 img_2599 img_2598 img_2597 img_2596 img_2594 img_2605    img_2556 img_2555img_2559 img_255436a9b8a8-8596-443e-a314-4a791161297cLast night, my nutritionist, Adee from Working Against Gravity, suggested I do a daily guided meditation that she and her husband do every morning.  I told her I was having trouble sleeping at night, and she said this might be a good way to start being able to improve that area of my life.  They use an app on their phone called Headspace and they do this for 20 minutes every morning.  The program starts you with just 10 minutes, which feels a lot less overwhelming in the beginning than 20, so I tried it this morning before the kids woke up.

Now, everything with me is done in excess.  You know that if you read this blog.

So, I as soon as I finished my 1st session, I immediately texted Maya, Jonah, Kat, and Ben and asked them all to download the app, commit to doing this every morning, and that we were going to review our experience over family dinner tonight (we will Facetime Kat in since she’s in Iceland for the rest of the month).

I also found a series of meditations for kids as young as Harley Love’s age on the same app, so I signed up for a monthly subscription so we could access that, too.

When the kids woke up, the three of us laid down in the living room and woke up our toes, feet, legs, fingers, arms, heads, mouths, noses, and eyes together with our leader, Andy, walking us through the whole 5 minute process.

My family can’t stand me.

But, at least they’ll be present and connected with their physical body while they deliver the hate on me.

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