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The CFNE Halloween Throwdown…and, Lots of Group Selfies

posted by Heather October 30, 2016 0 comments

Literally, laying in my bed when I opened my phone and it’s telling me how long it will take me to get home. Google Maps is just killing it.


I’m a dragon. Ben’s a serpent.


I feel like I work in a science lab when I get my breakfast ready every morning.


Full day over here. Started with CFNE’s annual Halloween Throwdown, had dinner with Kat and her family, then spent way too long trying to perfect a tough-girl selfie with the girls…that we just never really nailed.

img_0832 img_0830 img_0829 img_0827 img_0820 img_0634 img_0813 img_0812 img_0811 img_0810 img_0808 img_0805 img_0804 img_0803 img_0800 img_0799 img_0798 img_0797 img_0795 img_0775 img_0774 img_0773 img_0772 img_0771 img_0770 img_0769 img_0766 img_0762 img_0761 img_0758 img_0757 img_0754 img_0745

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