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The Kid Sitting Manual: Miami, Spring 2018

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My parents get pictures sent to them of everything they need for kids’ activities. This is where their lunch boxes are and what they look like.

Here are their frozen lunch bags…apparently, right next to the bones for broth.


Their school backpacks and outdoor gear bags.

Bag for jiu jitsu and swim class.

Bags for the farm.

Farm gear.

I need to remind myself to remind Mariah about when she babysits because we are too similar.

Pulled this out all by himself. He got started on the outside of it, I helped a little, then went up to take a shower. When I came down, the entire thing was done! I, in all honesty, was SHOCKED.

Bode trying on all of my vacation shopping purchases.

KILLING drop-off 🙂

Made some banana bread bombs with the duck eggs The Lorion’s gave me 🙂

Bagged some up for my buddy, Harry, for always helping me out so much.

When you let your kid pick out her own clothes for school.

The journal I found in the bathroom of Ben’s that he uses every morning 🙂

The “Kid Sitting Manual: Miami, Spring 2018” that I leave for our kids’ caretakers while we’re away:


4:30 am Ben & Heather leave for airport

Maya stays with kids at house

7:00 am Mariah arrives to relieve Maya

Kids: breakfast, brush teeth, make beds, get dressed for farm (clothes will be laid out on their bedroom dressers, outdoor gear will be laid out on dining room table and floor), house straightened up & kids ready to leave by the time Harry arrives.  It’s very important that they wear exactly the clothes I left for them because there is a science behind the gear they need to wear, especially, during these wet, cold days outside for 4 hours.

8:00 am Harry arrives to relieve Mariah

Kids need to be in snow pants, boots (Bogs), coats, hats, gloves (unless they want to just put them on when they get there)

8:20 am Bode & Harley Love Drop-off (Harry): Pick-up at (the farm)

12:30 pm Bode & Harley Love (Mom & Dad): Pick-up at (the farm) (kids get in trunk, take off ALL messy clothes in trunk, and crawl over to their seats).  When you get home, you should wash all of their gear ASAP as they will need it for school the next morning.  Be sure to double-check their bags for dirty items that the teachers put in there during the day.

3:15 – 3:45 Bode: (Jiu Jitsu)

Bag will be packed with ALL gear for afternoon activities (jiu jitsu & swim for both

kids) and on dining room table.

5:00 – 5:30 Bode & Harley Love: (Swim Class)

When looking at building from the front, park either in front or to the right in lot.

Walk in and register at front desk.  Kids must keep colored bracelet on that they

get at registration.  Undress them into bathing suits only, give them their towels

to take in, and walk them to the pool entrance (coach will be there to guide you).  Afterwards, take them into the locker room and change them into the dry clothes I packed in the bag for them.  There is also a plastic bag in there for you to put any wet bathing suits or excessively wet towels. They should also definitely bathe after class at some point to rinse off that pool water.


8:00 am Bode & Harley Love Drop-off:  (school)

Their school backpacks will be on dining room table.  They will need to be packed

with their frozen lunch bags (freezer) that you can put their lunch boxes in (they

will already be packed with their lunches; please check that the food is still good, the cantaloupe, in particular) and a sippy cup with water (just reuse

the ones from the farm on Thursday).  They also need the two canvas bags (laid

under their backpacks) filled with their winter gear: boots, hats, 2 pairs of gloves, and snow pants (all from the farm the previous day).

When dropping kids off at (school): The kids will tell you where to go once you’re inside.

2:00 pm Bode & Harley Love Pick-Up: (school)

Bode’s class is usually on the playground by the back door.  Harley Love’s class is

usually inside the door that you entered in that morning, but immediately turn left, go through the animal room, and her classroom door is there.  The teachers are expecting you.


9:30 am Bode & Harley Love Drop-off: Spanish Immersion School

I use the big HB canvas bag hanging above the garbage in the kitchen closet for both kids’ winter gear AND snack boxes for this school: slippers (on dining room table), snow pants, gloves, hats, winter coats, AND snack boxes all go in this bag.

They need to wear SNOW BOOTS there, then change into their slippers as soon as they go in; they usually use their snow boots to go outside while there.  They don’t open the doors there until right at 9:30, and not again until right at 11:30 for pick-up. So, don’t be surprised if you get there early and can’t get in.

11:30 am Bode & Harley Love Pick-up: Spanish Immersion School

3:00 pm Maya: Home LAX Game vs. Andover (at Nobles turf field)

5:00 pm Bode Parents Night Out Drop-off:  (Town Rec. Center)

Bode just needs to be wearing sneakers and comfortable clothes to run around in.  You may need to hang out with him for a little bit until he sees some kids he knows or settles into an activity.  It’s a little overwhelming for him at the beginning, but he usually get comfortable quickly.

9:00 pm Bode Parents Night Out Pick-up: (Town Rec. Center)


***No scheduled activities aside from that Family Work Day at the farm that you said you weren’t interested in.

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