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The Ole’ Knee Excuse

posted by Heather January 28, 2018 0 comments

I like the rational behind this.

Our kids love hotels because we let them eat waffles for breakfast when we’re there.

And, because they get to swim in the middle of the winter.

Jonah “got to” swim with his 4 little siblings…piled all over him…for an hour.

The Tilt’n Diner 🙂

Alex’s family

What is there to do when you’re in Tilton, NH and you have 2 hours to kill in the middle of the winter right after this area was hit with an ice storm creating a sheet of ice over the entire town and you loathe the idea of shopping at the factory outlets? You find the nearest public library and get to work.

And, our kids love driving long distances because they get to watch TV 🙂

Nobles Vs. New Hampton

Maya’s ridiculous.  She’s 2 weeks back to playing contact sports after tearing her ACL last May in a lacrosse game and she’s taking charges in her basketball games like she was Dennis Rodman’s stunt double.

In their game against New Hampton yesterday, she took 2 hard ones that left me in a full body sweat watching her crash to the ground in what sounded like a bag of bones being dropped from the arena ceiling.

Unfortunately for us, they lost the game by 1 point in front of their super obnoxious fans (I’m only slightly biased in saying that).  The point is, it was a really dramatic finish that I could tell, by watching her walk off the court afterwards, made her incredibly emotional.

I went down to the bathroom after the game and ran into Maya and her friend, Alex, who was consoling her while she sobbed with a huge bag of ice wrapped around her knee.

I asked Maya if she was ok and she finally said that her knee really hurt and was bruised from falling on it so much.  As she slugged out of the bathroom, she said she’d be fine and she’d call me later after the 2 hour drive home.

When she finally called me, I asked her about her knee.  Of course, she said it was fine.

I asked her if she was really fine or if she was just saying that.

That was when she told me, “My knee is actually really fine.  I think I was just using my knee as an excuse to be upset about losing the game and feeling so emotional about it.”

I started laughing because I, literally, can’t even think of one person my age that is mature enough to dissect that whole situation, accept the truth in the matter, and then fess up and admit it.

I was laughing at the irony of the whole thing; I’m this child’s mother and I’m not even a big enough person to take ownership of a reaction like that.

Maya is so ridiculous, and so impressive, and so much a more of a role model for me than I can almost admit.

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