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The Ole’ News Debate

posted by Heather June 29, 2018 0 comments

Cooking the eggs he collected himself at camp the day before 🙂

What Jonah STILL does while he’s on the phone.

We got Bode an ATV for HARLEY LOVE’S birthday so she wouldn’t have to deal with him fighting over hers. It makes sense.

Jonah and I have been having a lot of good conversations on our drive to the gym in the morning lately, since he’s been out of school and I’m doing my mom-duty of dragging him out of his teenage boy hibernation to contribute something productive to the free world.

The last couple, though, have begun with Jonah asking me if I’ve heard about some racially controversial thing some politician said to another politician in a debate, or some teenage immigrant got wrongly accused of bringing a bomb into school.

This launched us into a debate about media, their power over us in what they decide to “make the news”, how they can skew things one way or another, how we need to be very careful with making judgments based off of what we see and hear, and when we decide to voice our opinions and “spread the gossip”.

And, it was a heated debate.

I just think the news is generally so biased and potentially dangerous that I actively avoid it; I assume that anything out there pertaining to me or worthy of my attention will get it’s way to me somehow.  There’s so much inaccurate information out there and, in all honesty, negative news that I just feel like the benefits of not seeking it out outweigh those of being connected to it everyday.

What I also think is that it’s unfair to hear something on the news, judge people on the story you hear, and then go around attacking those people in conversation with others during the day.

You don’t know.  You weren’t there.  You don’t know if that story was taken out of context.  You don’t know if pictures and/or videos were tweaked to make them seem like something they really weren’t.

Yes, it’s probably close to the truth, so I think forming an opinion or judgement in your own head is fine most of the time.  But, to then walk around condemning people for stories that may or may not be accurate is just not right.

All of this infuriated Jonah.

Which is partially the reason why I don’t pay attention to the news in the first place.


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