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The Rebuilding Of Maya: Day 1

posted by Heather June 27, 2017 0 comments

The update from Alex that we all received at around 10am letting us know how the surgery went.

Alex has been AMAZING with Maya: so helpful, so caring, so positive, so understanding, so thoughtful. He is a FANTASTIC father.

When Ben and I assembled this bed that he used to have when he was little, we decided it didn’t make sense to disassemble it just to reassemble it all over again in the next 6 months or so when HL decides she’s done with her crib. So, we figured we would use it for Maya post-surgery, then transition HL into it after. This meant that when I went to get bedding for Maya to use it, I would get sheets and covers that HL would want: rainbows, pink flamingos, and sparkly stuff. Problem was, the second HL saw it all set up, she threw a tantrum because she couldn’t use it and Maya could. Like, a legitimate tantrum. She still hasn’t fully accepted the idea of having to “wait for it”.

There is nothing like the feeling of caring for your child when they are ill in any way. And, seeing your 17 year old daughter snuggling her stuffed duckling 🙂

Jonah is out on Martha’s Vineyard volunteering at Camp Jabberwocky, the sleep-away camp for disabled children and adults that his step-mom, Liza, is the executive director at. This week, he is working in the kitchen helping to prepare meals, set tables, and clean up while getting to know the staff and campers. He is LOVING it so far, and I hear that he is working harder than ever 🙂

Well, Maya’s surgery went really well.

It’s so interesting to me to observe how people carry themselves under these situations, particularly involving a lot of pain and a lot of narcotics 😉

It’s just the sort of situation that gives people a weird freebie to over-dramatize their situation, speak down to people, abandon manners even like simple please’s and thank you’s, and just expect all sorts of special treatment and “take time off” from being happy, positive, and optimistic.

I guess it’s no surprise that the real Maya is just who we thought her to be: able to see the good in not so good situations, grateful for anyone who does anything for her, fully in tune with the idea that she’s not the only one on this planet, patient with the chaos surrounding her like small children and a mother with a vacuuming obsession, able to tolerate huge amounts of pain and recognize that even though there is medicine available that you should try to avoid it as much as you can, willing and open to take advice about any and everything.

Maya is just the most remarkable patient, which means that when the conditions are perfect, she’s…like…superhuman.

Day 1 is in the books: we’re finally building her back.

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