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The Rebuilding of Maya: Day 3

posted by Heather June 29, 2017 0 comments

Brace yourself for the crime scene.

She was SO excited to take the Ace bandage off. When I saw this, I got so nauseous I had to leave the room. So, I decided to share the moment with all of you.

Big day for this kid: she got to shower. And, trust me, it was time. But, man alive, was it a production.

“Luckily”, I’ve had 2 knee surgeries in the last calendar year so I know how to keep the incision site dry.

Even though I went to the gym and left Maya with Mariah and the little kids, I was still able to watch her and make sure she took her medicine right at 8:45am. I sent her this picture of herself waving to me when I texted her about how proud I was of her for staying on schedule. Call me creepy, but I am still in tune even when I’m not there.

My friends get these messages when they miss my FT calls.

One of my monthly goals was to relabel my aged labels on the bins next to my work bench.

Not a soul will notice, but I will.

Maya’s first “real” meal post-surgery: chicken, rice, sauteed peppers, avocado, and shoe string sweet potato fries.

Matt Maloney knows me all too well: he sent me this video showing a guy with the most fantastic piece of machinery of all time.

The way this kid eats his shoe string sweet potato fries from Paleo Power Meals is as if he hasn’t eaten in a month. EVERY time he eats them.

This would be what it would feel like for us to take 4 or 5 stairs at a time. Impressive.

Maya had a little crew visit her tonight. This is one of her very best friends, Ashley.

Maya with her girl squad: Kat, Brooke, Ashley, Kennedy, and Harley Love.

Harley Love isn’t backing down on this bed.

The sand box is getting more action than we ever thought possible. Unfortunately, so is our watering hose. Can’t even imagine what our water bill is going to look like this month.

We caved and got the kids pizza for dinner.

LOOK WHO CAME BY FOR A VISIT!!! KEVIN MONTOYYYAAAA!!!! He tried to hide from my camera, but I’m quick like cheetah.

Nothing like your ex-husband and current husband bonding over Paleo Power Meals. We should make a commercial or something. Seriously.

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