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The Weirdest Day Ever.

posted by Heather January 27, 2019 0 comments
Bode gets weirdly concerned about retrieving our luggage when we arrive at an airport.
Our car was so cold and frozen over when we returned that my OnStar remote starter wouldn’t even work. That has never happened in my 5 years of having it.
When Ben went to go get the car, he actually had to dig it out of the ice just to get in it. Then, he had to run it for about 30 minutes before he could even drive it while he chipped away at the ice with a dvd we had in the car from the library and hats he put on that I had in the trunk to drop off at a donation bin.
By the time he finally picked us up at the terminal, our car doors and trunk door were still frozen shut so we had to dig those out, too.
Meanwhile, we were back at the terminal with no coats because we were in Florida and figured we wouldn’t need them. The terminal was FREEZING. That, by the way, is the BEST kids suitcase because it’s super light, a good length handle that works for their height, and rolls around super easily. So helpful that all we needed for the 5 days was that one suitcase for them, and the one other one for me. No checking bags is a priority for me 😉
Oh, and THIS piece of luggage.
It is INCREDIBLE how quickly our house went for immaculately spotless (which is how I always leave it when we go away), to this in a matter of an hour of us being home. Like, incredible.
We didn’t get to bed from our trip home until 5am, so I had no idea how I was going to get the kids to school in the morning by 8. When I got up, I checked my phone and saw this message, which I was PUMPED about so we could all sleep in as long as we could. We all went back to bed until 10, when the kids wanted to go out and play in the snow. While they were out there, I kept getting messages about Bode being absent from school. I finally realized that this message came from Nobles for JONAH’s school cancellation, not for Bode and Harley Love’s. So, that was about when the house turned into a complete explosion, I went running around the house like a psychopath trying to get them ready as quick as I could, then Ben and I split up and got each kid to their schools. It was like straight out of a movie. But, one of those movies you laugh at thinking, “Thank God that’s never happened to me.” But, this was happening to me.
After I dropped Bode off at school, I went to CFNE to take the 11:30 with Ben. In the middle of the warm up, I got an emergency call from his school saying all students needed to be picked up by 12:30. That was less than a 2 hour school day at that point.
They had to close down Rt. 16 because of a live wire that had gone down, which ultimately caused them to also do an emergency early dismissal …which, I don’t think they have ever done before. It was sort of a logistical mess.
Jess, the master of ‘gettin’ it done’. It was, like, 4 degrees when I saw her walking around with Ben like this. #whyilovethiswoman
Less than 24 hours ago, we were running around on a beach in Fort Lauderdale.
Instead of unpacking, I felt it was a priority to fix Ben’s sunglasses that I found. One of the temples had cracked off at the hinge where the screw attaches it to the frames. I found replacement temples online for $50; considering they’re $250 sunglasses, I felt like this was a better option than just throwing them away.
Voila 😉
Ben just decided to run home through the snow and slush in the dark at 6pm, and then run back to work the next morning. So, I followed him on my Find My Friends app to make sure he got to work safely.

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