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"Making Things Easy" Versus "Taking The Easy Way Out"

posted by Heather April 14, 2016 0 comments
Don’t act like I’m not sexy: clothes I trained in 10 hours ago, knee sleeves, not 1 but 2 pairs of sunglasses (Ben asked me to hold his), 4 year old girl pony tail, glass of wine, backpack beach chair (but, in our front yard not the beach), and you can’t see it but my Bluetooth Bose speaker is on my lap blaring country music in case our neighbors are into this whole scene, too.  Just you wait until you see my summertime get-up.

Full family dinner, finally 🙂
Ben delivering one of his Rocky speeches.  He does this all the time at dinner when he has all of us squeeze into 1 chair, crowd around his iPhone, and shows us some motivation video…then, he talks to all of us about it’s meaning and how it applies to our lives.
Sasha is on FIRE with he folding prowess.
Family fireside chat.

My favorite thing that Ben’s been doing: leaving the toothbrush all staged for when I go to brush my teeth.
Jonah texting the address of who’s house he hung out this afternoon.
Walking up to Maya’s game at Nobles and caught this glimpse of my shadow in the ground.  That’s my chair on my back because I spent good money on a “backpack chair”.
Casey’s #2 on the field almost makes me cry every time I see it.

She’s wearing my blanket scarf.

On my night before a training day off: brand new box of band-aids, a bottle of Fit Vine wine, and 500 Christmas lights.
My new knee sleeves came in!

This came on my Spotify radio tonight.  LOVE this song.
Ben’s dinner: vegetable fried rice with ground beef, grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, 3 running fried eggs and bacon bits on top.

There’s a big difference between “making things easy” and “taking the easy way out.”

Making things easy: cutting the tops off of strawberries and putting them in the fridge for when you want them, making a full water bottle of CocoWodder so you can pour it into sippy cups instead of making sippy cup sized portions every time a kid wants some, scrambling eggs in the pan instead of in a bowl first and then pouring them into the pan.
Taking the easy way out: just doing your kids laundry (cleaning, folding, putting it away for them) because it takes too long to teach them how to do it themselves, grabbing a rice cake and protein bar for breakfast instead of making eggs and bacon, making your kids’ beds because they don’t make it look as good as you do when you make it for them, warming up with a 95# bar instead of doing 65# first because you’re too lazy to load and unload your bar an extra time even though 95# feels like horse dung.
Believe me, taking the easy way out is insanely appealing at times.  At that moment, it’s faster, easier, and will likely end up more the way you want it to than if someone else does it.
But, it’s almost always a band-aid fix.  The problem with band-aid fixes is that they never end.  Even worse than that, though, is that it enables laziness, a lack of experience for the people around you, and produces people that will forever be expecting things to be done for them.
You know what’s better than having to do everyone else’s laundry every other day until you no longer cohabitate with them?  Having new found free time when your kids finally know how to successfully operate a washing machine and dryer, when they know how to fold a t-shirt and roll two socks together, and when they can tackle the simple task of placing a neatly folded piece of clothing in a drawer.
It doesn’t happen in one 3 minute laundry session, but it does happen.
And, some day their roommates and significant others will thank you for not raising lazy children.

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