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Think. Act. Reflect.

posted by Heather May 28, 2020 0 comments
I am so amazed and impressed by what people are doing to make this whole thing work for them. Andy, one of the members in my 12:30 class, made this for him and his daughter so they can work out during quarantine. Bravo, dude. This is incredible.
Keep these photos coming, people. I KNEW I wasn’t the only one out there dealing with this.
I’m loving the new biking routes we’re able to take the littles on now that there is such less traffic on the roads.
Well, this makes a statement, for sure.
One of the best cook books I have ever owned.
You guys. Ben spent months pulling this surprise date night together for us. He found this spot on a hill training session with Kat and told her he was going to bring me here. He came up here the night before and planted a NoBull duffle full of a bottle of wine, glasses, and a blanket so it would be there waiting for us the next evening. When he finally hiked me up to this spot I’ve never been to before, we walked up to the stone wall that he hid the bag behind. But, someone stole it 🙁 He was so sad, it made my heart break for him. He just kept saying, “This was so close to being the most romantic surprise.” We sat in the grass and watched the sun set, but it was really sad to think about how much he had planned it all out…only to be ruined by someone’s poor decision making.
Ben runs this trail every morning, but it’s been getting so muddy that it’s been hard to pass. So, he decided to make it at least passable himself 🙂
This guy’s gonna’ be ripped for beach season: on a daily 200 push ups streak.
So not normal.
My favorite breakfast to make the family includes pan frying a small pile of shredded cheddar, cracking an egg on top of it, and waiting for it to slowly cook the egg just enough to transfer onto a bed of greens while still making the very bottom super crispy.
If you look closely, you will see that her nipple has migrated to the MIDDLE of her chest. Unreal.


Identify your purpose. THINK about it. What do YOU want to do, to be? What fills YOUR soul? It’s not about what society, or even your parents, are telling you which shoes to fill. It’s about what YOU think fills your cup. And, it’s ok for that to change. It’s ok for us to want to be more than one thing in a day. And, it’s ok for us to completely change our minds after we try something that didn’t feel the way we thought it would. The more important thing is this: it must be conscious. It can’t be just waking up every morning and launching off into the world blindly, with no vision or direction or value system to build from. We must invest time into focused thinking.


Are your actions in line with your purpose, the person you are proud of being, and the direction you want to be moving? Or, are we doing things that we are trying to keep secret or hide from others, things that we know aren’t our best interest or the best interest of the ones we love, or things that we will likely regret afterwards? We must act in a way that we are spending most of our time doing things that are moving the needle towards what truly fills our cup, what makes our soul radiate light and joy. So much real light and joy that others feel it when they are merely in our presence.


What is all of this thinking and action worth if we don’t take the time to reflect on it and figure out if it’s actually working or not? For every rare time when things work out just as we had planned, there are countless other times when they don’t. When we need to put on our adversity helmets and head first through the many brick walls that we never saw coming. Because for every brick wall we survive running through, we know we come out stronger, tougher, and more resilient to the next one that will also stop us in our tracks. We must reflect, for if we do not, we will likely miss the meaning…the rich, beautiful meaning…in living this life full of purpose and conscious action.