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Time Vs. Things

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Aruba feels like YEARS ago.
Just puttin’ the vibe out for Ben.
Bode got a shark fin shaved into his head.
It’s officially Vest Season up here.
CHRISTINE BALD gettin’ it done…while Mama Bear monitors the situation 🙂
Girls Night with my Tobin School Mom’s.
Birch Tree Bread Bakery in Worcester. AMAZING. Worth the 35 minute drive to sit and work here all day.
Guess who my mystery coffee date is 🙂
I need to restyle our home to look and feel like THIS.
Incredible sunset while Jonah and his friend, Otto, shoot hoops.
Went to the RMV after the gym to renew my license, only to find out that I did, in fact, need to get my photo retaken. So, I gathered up my things after I was already checked in and informed my teller that I was not, in fact, going to look a photo of myself like THAT for the next 10 years. So, I went home, curled my hard, applied makeup, and came back looking like a completely different person.
She goes, “Um, ma’am, what happened?” She didn’t find it as amusing as I did.
Casey’s friend, Josh, swung by to check out the place from Florida. So, we Bergeron Sandwiched him. That’s a thing.
How we start our mornings out in nature.
“Think kind thoughts.”
“Speak kind words.”
“Be kind to my body.”
First yoga class at CFNE on Sunday morning at 6:45am with Sarah Gardner, one of the kindest, sweetest women I have ever met.
Maya’s Fall Ball game at UMass.
It’s also Pumpkin Spice Coffee Season. That’s a thing, too.
spicy tuna, avocado, and cucumber topped with shrimp tempura, scallions, and eel sauce and drizzled with local honey white truffle aioli 
Yes, I would LOVE to put more photos of Jonah everywhere, but he is insisting on this new look in every photo. So, I refuse to expose people to that.
Date Night started at Cafe Nero to go over our calendars. So. Ultra. Romantic.
SUCH a sweet time hanging out with some of my favoritest people on the planet. I LOVE these people so much.
This was SUCH a great little kid day on the farm.
Terrifying for me. Greatest moment of their lives for them.
Ronda Rockett treats me every year to a mani-pedi for my birthday. I look forward to it every year. THANK YOU SO MUCH, LADY! XO
This person should see the car I drive. That would REALLY get them going.
Unbelievable. I get out of the 7:30am class the other day and realize my car is STILL RUNNING from when I parked it at 6:30am. The very next day, I left the keys in it in the ON position while I taught my 11:30am class and came back to this. Luckily, it started…not sounding great, but it started.
Would you believe they only had ONE of these shoes in the entire store. Such a tease.
Came for a 6 year old’s birthday present. This should do it.

When I want to do something to let someone I know that I care about them, I have a tendency to want to give them something.

When a friend has a baby, I want to bring them their favorite drink from Starbucks, some trashy magazine, and a cute newborn outfit.

When someone has surgery, I try to make them some of my family’s favorite banana bread or homemade hummus.

When Maya is having a bad day at college, I’m inclined to pull together a care package of her favorite treats.

And, when someone has a death in the family, I go to order a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to their home.

But, more times than not, I have to force myself to stop and think about how I can replace that “something” with something even more meaningful: my time. In almost every one of these situations, what I think would help carry them through these events more than any item I could ever hand over to them is time sitting by their side.

In many cases, the time I would spend going to stores to buy things, cooking at home alone, or searching online for just the right gift could have been spent with the friend who was also alone in a hospital bed, at college, or at their own home.

Sometimes it may not be appropriate, or even wanted, but I am always surprised by how often people would rather have companionship…instead of have more things. Even a handwritten letter or card can mean more to someone far away than yet another bouquet of flowers. It may take a few more minutes, but it is always worth it.

Having a close friend tell me stories and make me laugh is always a better option than trashy magazines 😉

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