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Tracy & Jessie From Upper Cape CrossFit

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Got our life insurance physicals at home today with this guy, Arcady.

Arcady’s reaction when he looked up and saw my camera pointing at him and I blurted out, “SMILE!”

Ben’s thinking, “Arcady isn’t like you.” Which is fair. He wasn’t.

Morgan put up new clip holders!!!

Ben’s 8:30 class warming up for “Isabelle”.

Hit a new PR leaving The Tobin School this morning! ALMOST made it 7:58, but it ticked over as I was taking this picture.

I caught her in a vulnerable state this morning and was able to get her to take 1 teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil, some Vitamin D drops, and a whole chunk of raw turmeric root. Almost got her on some of my smoothie, but that was obviously pushing it. So, I stopped.


First thing’s first.  I COOKED FOR EASTER.  I know I never cook, but the truth is that I actually like cooking, am pretty good at it, and love the opportunity to take other people’s ideas and tweak them around to fit what I want them to be.  I ALSO love having a handful of go-to’s in my back pocket for when I’m supposed to bring something to a party.  There’s definitely a little bit of an art to that whole thing: you want it to taste amazing, you want it to be something easy for people to eat (not too much cutting or committing to a big serving), you want it to be pretty healthy, and you want it to look good.  Oh, and you want it to be easy-ish and not too crazy expensive, too.  These few recipes were CLUTCH yesterday when we hosted about 25 people throughout the day…and, what I’ll be choosing from for a party we’re going to next week 🙂

Peanut Butter Balls (HERE)

Pulled Pork With Cabbage (HERE)

“Sonoma” Chicken Salad (HERE)

Foolproof Mayo (HERE) (for the chicken salad, especially!)

Chocolate Chunk Cookies (+ BACON) (HERE)

Now, I know I posted that first picture a couple of days ago (of the girls at the table…who you’ll end up knowing as Jessie and Tracy), but, I didn’t get to do this post about because I was in weekend mode.  So, I’m catching up with life right here.

Ben and I were down on the Cape to spend an early Easter with his mom.  While we were down there, we got to sneak out for a couple of hours to go take a class at our 2nd CrossFit home, Upper Cape CrossFit.  We love the community there, and we love that we get to actually workout together.  All of the star aligned Saturday morning, too, as they had programmed a partner workout for the day.  I was SO excited to be Ben’s partner; it was, basically, like a date because we rarely get to do that.

But, once the warm-up wrapped up, the coach told us that we were all going to pick a name from a hat and THAT was going to be our partner for the workout.  She knew some of us were going to be surprised because we had already lined up and planned on who we would partner with, but she said this was going to be good for us because it would likely be someone we had never gotten the chance to workout with.

I, honest to God, swear that I almost pulled her aside and asked her if Ben and I could just be partners because we were so excited to finally get the chance to work out together, but she had already started going around the circle having people pull out names.  Now, I would have to tell whoever picked my name (we were the last in the circle) that I wanted to drop them so I could be partners with Ben.


I told myself that it was fine and that even though I wasn’t going to get to workout with him, I get to spend all day with him…and, sleep next to him every night…and, spend the rest of my life with him.

It’s fine.

If I had to pick anyone next, that’s exactly who I ended up with: Tracy, a super friendly, nice, funny girl that I knew well enough to know that she was going to be fun to be partners with.  And, I knew she was in the same boat because I heard her and her friend, Jessie, joking about how they had planned on being partners together for the workout…and, Jessie ended up picking Ben’s name!

But, Tracy was even better than I had talked her up to be inside my head.  She was so laid back about everything, but still took things seriously enough…and, was happy and positive and just made the whole thing so great that I honestly felt like I was glad that I didn’t get to workout with Ben, after all.

I know all of this sounds so childish and obvious…like, yeah, be open to getting to know other people and not having things work out exactly as you planned them to.  Like, what we preach about and claim that we practice all of the time, right?  But, I admit that I had a momentary lapse in rationality (is that even a word?) that I totally ended up proving to myself was so silly and immature.

That whole thing gave me the opportunity to get to know a super cool girl even better than I knew her before, and is one of the many reinforcements I always get that you have to take yourself outside of your little comfort bubble so that you can get even more out of this life than you already are.

There are all of these opportunities floating around all around you every day and even though it’s a little unnerving to take a stab at one of them, you usually end up being so glad you did and getting so much more out of the moment than you would have had you just stayed all comfy in your own little world.


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