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UMass, Birthday Recap & 19.1

posted by Heather February 23, 2019 0 comments
Someone needs to remind me to NEVER bring my kids grocery shopping again. I made them each their own necklace with a Tile location finder on them so that I could make them ring when I couldn’t find them in a store, or they could hear it and let someone know they need to go to the front desk and tell someone their Mom is looking for them. But, this turned into them thinking it was some fun game to “get lost” and get brought up to the front desk and tell them their Mommy is scared because she can’t find them. They called me on the phone, which I was sort of impressed that Bode actually remembered my phone number, and I had to go face the management and the fact that they now know about my big “kid finding’ plan…that backfired.
Got to see Maya’s team play BC today at UMass!
One of the harder things ever for a parent of a kid you share with your ex-spouse: having to call your kid on the phone to say Happy Birthday instead of being able to be there the moment they wake up.
16 rented movies from the library. Quite the mix, too.
Throwback from when Ben dressed up as me for Halloween one year.
Bode was being naughty today, so I told him his assignment was to illustrate for me the difference between being a good friend, and a bad one.
That mindfulness nutrition challenge, not really sticking.
19.1 Kat vs. 2 teen athletes
Jonah’s LAST squash match of the season…on his BIRTHDAY 🙂
When I saw this picture, I thought 2 things: (1) I wish that guy wasn’t unknowingly bombing it in the background, and (2) I wish Maya’s face was in it with us.
So, I did a little research, AND I FIXED IT.
Harley Love “decorated” her bedroom for Jonah’s birthday.
Feeling adequately organized…at least with our fridge.
Needed to be able to focus to write Jonah’s birthday post, so I sent them outside. This is where I found them.
His birthday gifts: a 32″ computer monitor, and a microphone set.
He was SO EXCITED and so genuinely grateful. It was actually adorable.
He LOVED his birthday dinner at Olé in Cambridge SO MUCH.
And, Kat made the trip in town for it!
Ahi Tuna tacos 🙂

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