Use Your Super Powers

posted by Heather October 22, 2021 0 comments
When I got my vaccine back in May, I was WRECKED. And, my Whoop saw it.
My Respiratory Rate was the most shocking one to me, which makes perfect sense.
Still at it with this cushion recovering project.
And, just in time for me to feel like I was DYING from that vaccine. Maybe the worst I’ve ever felt.
Ben never got the memo that guns are frowned upon at the bus stop.
Attacking the bus as it pulls away. Awesome.
Our FAVORITE tree.
I just love the look of this photo.
I LOVED opening this container of coconut oil and seeing this little miracle of nature.
One of the best purchases I’ve ever made.
Everyone wakes up to birthday balloons in our house.
Bode’s birthday gift.
In May, we have Bode, Kat, and Maya’s birthdays all in 1 week.

You know how we all talk about how there should be some sort of Adult University where you go to before you’re released into the real world without your parents there anymore to take care of things like knowing when to replace air filters in your HVAC, how to add that stabilizer stuff to the gas in your snow blower, and remembering to close down your outdoor umbrella when winds gust over a certain mph? You know that school that doesn’t exist, but should? Well, they should add an entire course just on garbage disposal maintenance because I would sign up in a heartbeat.

Long story short, I clogged our sink because I was irresponsibly using our garbage disposal and ended up needing to pay $300 to get the issue fixed. I was livid. I’m happy to spend that kind of money on plenty of other things, but not on fixing a pipe blocked with too much broccoli. Anyways, I was doing a monstrously fine job of  letting the whole ordeal get to me and was, basically, just waiting for Ben’s truck to pull in the driveway so I could unload that day’s worth of complaining and frustrations on him simply because he has a heart beat, a pair of ears, and would know better than to not let me just go.

Which is exactly what I did.

Until I caught a proper glimpse of his face and could see, almost in slow motion, the joy of finally being home after a day of work melt down into a growing puddle of concern. It stopped me dead in my tracks.

“Am I making you stressed?” “Yup.”

I was doing exactly what I teach our kids NOT to do; I was turning someone’s positive energy into negative energy. I was taking someone who was in a good mood, and putting them in a bad mood. I was using my “powers” to perform evil in the world.

I was an evil villainess.

It can be so easy to take advantage of innocent people, unfortunately usually the ones we love the most, and use them to do what we think will make us feel better: dump our junk onto them. We think we deserve to let people know about our hardships. We think if they care about us, they owe it to us to listen to our incessant negativity. We think they want to hear it, they want to jump on our misery mattress with us, and they want to be as upset as we are.

But, how did we feel the last time someone did that to us? Watch. You will see it happening, because it happens constantly. And, you will realize how toxic that behavioral pattern is.

And, the solution is so simple: just don’t do it. 

Use your powers to be super, not evil.