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Valentine’s Day Chaos

posted by Heather February 13, 2018 0 comments

25 sandwiches for Maya and her team for their game at St. Mark’s tomorrow night…VALENTINE’S DAY!

Ok, there is just A LOT going on.  I mean, the days leading up to Valentine’s Day for me are arguably busier than those of Christmas.  Fine, that’s a slight exaggeration, but I am drowning a little bit.  In all super fun things like getting to make Maya’s team away game snacks for Valentine’s Day (which sends my creativity into overdrive), making 65 glow stick Valentine’s for all of the kids’ friends and classmates, and trying to coordinate some things to make the day special for our own family members.

It’s my own doing…and, I LOVE every single bit of it.  But, it’s a lot.

So, if I don’t reply to your email, that’s why.

If smell funny or have deli meat or American cheese stuck in my hair, it’s not because I was eating that.

If I make a run for the bathroom in the middle of the WOD tomorrow, it’s because I ate broccoli for dinner while driving 2 hours to and from CT tonight to catch Maya’s basketball game straight from Bode’s gymnastics class.

And, if I look surprisingly fabulous tomorrow morning, it’s because somehow I’ve managed to go 4 straight days without a drip of red wine in my system.  I’m trying to do more warm turmeric milk, kumbucha, and bone broth…and, it’s miraculously not leaving any room in my stomach for wine.  So, I think I’ve actually pinned down some substitutions for my evening glass of wine.

I, honestly, don’t even know what I’m writing right now because I’m too in awe of Shaun White winning a gold medal just now and making me want to take up snowboarding.

omg, SHOULD I?

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