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Vomit At Whole Foods

posted by Heather November 6, 2017 0 comments


Well, this blog wouldn’t be called HB Unfiltered if it didn’t include stories about barfing in public places.

Like, what went down at the Allston Whole Foods yesterday after we dropped Bode off at a birthday party 30 minutes away from home.  That’s a critical point to this story because when your child has a 90 minute birthday party 30 minutes from home, going home for any reason during the duration of the party isn’t really an option.

So, I had brought the other 3 kids with me to drop Bode off so that we could go out for our Sunday morning brunch like we’ve been doing for the last month or so.  Since the place we were planning on going to was too busy, we decided to just go to Whole Foods.

Now, for the record, Harley Love was acting pretty off for the hour or so leading up to the party drop-off, but I figured it was fine.  I just put her in one of those front pack carriers figuring that would keep her comfy.

We got our food at the hot bar, sat down in a nice little eating area with a handful of other families and individuals trying to have a quiet, I took Harley Love out of the carrier so she could be more comfortable while we ate, and began our relaxing Saturday morning brunch.

Until…HL starts making these funky gagging noises, then proceeds to vomit all over herself, my hands that were reaching out to “catch” it all, and the bench and table we were sitting at.

Maya and Jonah immediately stand up and leave the room, because I clearly didn’t need any help or assistance with dealing with that situation.

The family with the small child immediately next to us evacuate as if they just heard about a bomb being planted on the table we were sitting at.

And, to my surprise, the rest of the people in the immediate area just sat there pretending nothing big was happening…which I was actually really happy about.

I see Maya and Jonah standing at the entrance to the room, just staring at me in disbelief, when I finally ask them if they can help me.  I tell Jonah to go get me a to-go container so HL has something to throw up into if it happens again, and Maya went to get some napkins.

Jonah comes back with a completely clear plastic salad container, which if there were no other options would be fine…but, there were plenty of other containers that wouldn’t make it 100% obvious that it were filled with barf if it happened again.

I, then, have to strip HL down put her back on my chest in the carrier, stop in the bathroom to wash my hands, notify an employee that they need to sanitize our table, and head to the car where the older two kids left for to find shelter from their current life situation.

We couldn’t go home because Bode only had another 45 minutes at the party, and remember that it’s a 30 minute drive home, so we found a spot on the Charles River to sit and people watch while we waited out the extra time.

Still covered in vomit.

It was something else.

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