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We Can Survive

posted by Heather January 12, 2017 2 Comments

This morning’s excerpt from The Daily Stoic (Ryan Holiday). Ben and I read this every day.

Man, the paparazzi.

We should’ve started this project of finishing under the deck years ago. Mike G’s been AT it for the last week. It’ll look so good in the summer when we finish it off with some landscaping and the new outdoor shower to the right. UGGHHH CAN’T WAAAAAIIIIITTTTTT!!!!

Today’s To-Do List.

Vacuum Ben’s car. CHECK.

Ride bikes w/kids. CHECK.

Stack more wood. CHECK.

Go to library. CHECK.

Recycling run. CHECK.

Good Thing entry. CHECK.

Because we need a huge stick. Can’t live any longer without it.

This kid loves “streams” as much as Ben loved the stream in his back yard growing up.

Sick kid didn’t feel like riding her bike.

So, we snuggled.

And, took LOTS of selfies.

Ben’s on me about how whole eggs are better for you than egg whites. I sent him this picture saying, “I hope you’re happy.”

But, now I need to balance out all the fat from the scrambled eggs. Found this little life saver in my cabinet.

Groovy little jam.

One of the many Podcasts I listened to today 🙂

One of my Christmas presents from my parents: faux candles that run on batteries and their own timers that stay on for 5 hours and off for 19. Brilliant…and, cozy 🙂

Jonah came up with a game we played at dinner. You need to call someone on your Favorites. If they answer, you die. If they don’t, you live. So, I guess it’s good that my neighbor never answers my phone calls? I WON!

My motivation for this post today. One of the most unbelievable stories I have ever heard in my entire life. And, it took all of 3 minutes to change my life. So grateful I came across Storycorps.


It’s as if someone “up there” is pushing me to bring this up.  I’m getting it from all angles of my life: I’m feeling it in my own experiences, some of my best friends are going through it right now, I’m hearing it in some way from just about every Podcast I’m listening to right now, and catching the message in things I’m reading.

It’s almost as if we are put through challenging times so that we can, at some later time, help others deal with similar issues.

I’m not even touching on whether we deal with them the “right” or “wrong” way.  I’m just saying that just about every single really, really hard time I’ve survived in my life has prepared me to know how to better support someone close to me going through something similar.

All of them: eating disorders and body image issues, divorces, mental depression, being homeless and having no money, miscarriages, tragic deaths, addictions, cancers.  And, I know I’m not even halfway through what I’m going to get hit with.

Some of them I’ve handled pretty well, all things considered.  And, others I’ve dealt with very poorly.  I can count how many things I truly “regret” in my life on less than one hand, but I’ve even used those regrets as tools to help people not make the same mistakes I have.  So, I guess they’re not even real regrets.

But, I have survived every one.  Not only have I survived every one…but, after the dust from each one of these has settled, I have went on to live a fuller, richer life because of those very experiences.

And, I think that’s the hardest thing to remember when you’re going through any challenging time in your life: the hardship will get easier, people will forget…and, hopefully forgive, and your situation…whether it’s just within yourself or if it includes other people…will end up stronger.

I guess the only exception to that whole statement is for the people out there that fight it.

The people that resist growth and never allow themselves to find the goodness that can come from the really dark places they were caught in will miss out.

There are always people that have been through worse, have survived worse, and have made insanely great comebacks from worse situations than we could ever imagine possible.

I was reminded of this whole idea when I heard this 3 minute story this morning.  In just 3 minutes, these two people changed my life.


Lydia Pagano January 16, 2017 at 12:28 pm

Thank you. I needed this.

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