Team Bergeron

We Home Renovated

posted by Heather April 29, 2020 14 Comments
Long story short: our big kitchen remodel project was supposed to break ground on March 29th. We were all set to move out for 2 months, signed all the papers, and then all of a sudden we were closing the doors to CFNE indefinitely and had no more income. We were SO excited about this project that we’d talked and dreamt about for so many years that we couldn’t just, literally, sit here in this house for months on end staring at the kitchen the way it was. And, we had all this newfound forced time at home that we figured we might as well keep ourselves busy with something. So, we took down a wall. As with 100% of all home renovation projects, it wasn’t a totally smooth ride. And, it’s not what it will be after we someday get to do the project the way we’ve planned it out to be. But, we’ve also got a kitchen that’s more than double the size it was before, more natural light, more open space, etc. Our motto right now is this: if it’s better than before, it was worth it. Things look good from far, but are far from good. But, that’s FINE. Done is better than perfect. And, every day we do something else 😉