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We In Miami, B!@tch :)

posted by Heather May 7, 2016 0 comments

Well, I’m sitting here next to Ben on a plane headed for Miami.

He had no idea.  It was a big…huge…ginormous surprise.  Unfortunately, I happen to be the one who loves surprises, not Ben.

It all started a couple months ago when Jill called me and asked if we would want to go to Miami for Mother’s Day.  I said, “Of course.  That’d be super fun.”  Jill says, “What about for weekend of Mother’s Day?”  I replied, “Oooohhhh, you mean like you’re really, actually asking us to go to Miami?”

I hung up with her and went to go check our calendar.  Nothing big was on there, just some regular stuff that could be postponed and moved around.  So, I called Ben.  He’s usually really good about answering when I call, mostly because I try really, really hard to be good about only calling him when it’s important…or, I’m crying about something.


Okayyy…so, I lost momentum on that little writing session.  Here’s the abbreviated version: I kidnapped Ben, brought him to the airport, he found out at the gate that I was taking him to Miami for the weekend with the Lorion’s, we’re here, it’s amazing, and in an effort to not be “that girl” that’s glued to her computer when she’s away on a romantic vacation with her husband I’m just doing photo posts that you all will now need to scroll through in a gallery format so I can go down to the pool where they’re raving.  Kthanksbye 🙂  XO

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