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posted by Heather February 3, 2019 0 comments
When you trust your 6 year old enough to bring a Yeti to Kindergarten because you want him to be able to have a warm hotdog for lunch. And, then he comes home and says he didn’t even eat it. At least I tried.
Back on my liquid diet of water, seltzer, and kombucha for breakfast.
Made HL a smoothie in a fancy plastic cup…that she didn’t like and now I need to figure out how to turn into a green one for me so that it doesn’t go to waste.
Casey swears that air diffusers are better for us than candles, so I got one to see if we can make the transition away from candles…which I can’t imagine I’ll like as much, but if it’s better for us…who knows?
Was in the shower when HL came to tell me that she was sorry she ‘made a mess downstairs on the couch’. I came down and found a kitchen towel lying over this puddle of silver sparkle nail polish on the couch. Quick looked up a recipe to try to fix it and I think I did it! So proud of her for coming to tell me, so I told her it was ok because she didn’t know how dangerous nail polish can be on anything other than nails 🙂
When the 20 year old interns hear your 40 year old music and ask what it is because they like it so much. OMG I LOVE THAT.
LOVE Harry’s write-ups every day. He’s going to be such a good Dad some day.
Yup. Stuck at 1 degree, without the wind chill, all day.
Back on 1-2 Tbsp’s of this gunk every day.

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