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Wet Diapers Are Dirty Diapers, Too.

posted by Heather May 12, 2016 0 comments

THIS is happening for tomorrow’s bag.


Folding laundry outside makes folding laundry not feel so much like “folding laundry”.


It’s embarrassing how many times I’ve listened to this song in the last 48 hours.


If only we could do our grocery shopping outside.


Turns out this guy loves Ms. Katrin’s birthday gifts. Somehow, he looks so much cooler than I could in that outfit.


I can’t tell if “relax babe” was thought when rolling his eyes or with a grin of humor on his face.


This kid’s sleep positions are hysterical. This is one photo of the 7 different ones I took.

image image image image image

The diaper scene sort of cracks me up.  There are so many different approaches to diaper changing that it never ceases to amaze me.

There’s something about grandmothers, not grandfathers necessarily, that makes them feel the need to change a diaper five times more often than I’m used to.  Ben’s Mom told me once that she thinks it’s because back when we were all kids, the technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now and they had to change kids more frequently.  I also find it sort of funny how most fathers back in the day, literally, never changed a single diaper.  Not one.  Even ones that had upwards of 6 kids.  Not one diaper.

My father even tells this story about how one night my mother asked if she could go to church and leave me with him at the house.  He said fine, but he wasn’t going to change me if I had a dirty diaper.  Sure enough, I had a dirty diaper and he decided his best option was to just put me in the bath tub and wait until my Mom came home.

The other thing, coincidentally, that I find consistent with grandmothers is the number of paper towels they use in a day…but, that obviously has nothing to do with diaper changing.

Then, you’ve got the other end of the spectrum of people that go off the premise that a baby’s diaper only needs to be changed if they’ve gone #2.  It’s not necessarily a lazy thing so much as they’ve been scared into the whole idea that #2 diapers are such a nightmare that that’s all they worry about.  These are usually the people, though, that aren’t the primary childcare giver.  They’re the ones that are periodic babysitters (not “nannies”), the working parent, siblings, etc.

I see it all the time in my house, mostly because of the small village that helps care for my family on a highly irregular basis.  The most typical scenario is when someone else is the one to get Love out of her crib in the morning.  Whoever it happens to be on any given morning is probably just so excited to get her downstairs to play with her and doesn’t smell a dirty diaper, so they don’t even consider changing her right then.

That’s the kiss of death, though, because once you’re downstairs, it’s so hard to rally to bring the kid back upstairs to change them.  If you do that, you know you’re in for it.

If you go upstairs, you know you’re going to take their footy jammies off to change the diaper.  Then, when you go to put them back on, you’re going to realize that it doesn’t make sense to put pajamas back on at 9:30 AM, so you might as well get them dressed for the day…not to mention the fact that you can, now, wring the pee out of the pajamas making them unwearable, anyways.  But, now you realize that because you’ve waited so long to change the kid, you really need to give them a shower or a bath because no amount of wipes is going to be able to effectively clean that kid enough so they don’t smell like the inside of a public restroom toilet.  And, once you’re in the bathroom bathing them, you might as well also brush their teeth or that’s not going to happen at all.  And, because of the whole situation you’re elbow deep into at this point, you now need to start the laundry with their changing pad, wet jammies, and any stuffed animal they’ve been latched onto since they woke up 2 hours ago.

All because their moderately wet diaper wasn’t changed when they first woke up.

I really just need to potty train Love this summer so you guys don’t need to sit through an entire post again about diapers.

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