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We’ve All Been “There”

posted by Heather July 30, 2019 0 comments

I’m the sort of person that lies awake at night dwelling over something I did wrong during the day, as if I’m the only one that’s ever __________ . 

I take whatever the one thing is and make it out to be everything

I convince myself that everyone noticed, everyone is talking about it, no one has ever done the same thing, no one has ever done WORSE, and I will forever known as the girl that did _____ .

I scolded my kids in public.

I overreacted to something Ben did and I said something I wish I hadn’t.

I allowed myself to get “over-served”.

I reacted impulsively to something someone said to my kids, or I reacted impulsively to someone else’s kid.

I laughed at something someone did when they obviously didn’t think it was funny.

The list, literally, goes on and on…and, ON.

When the dust settles, I realize that we are all in the same boat. We all say things we regret. We all have trouble controlling our emotions. We are all guilty of misreading situations, and people, and…all sortsof things.

Yes, we need to find awareness, and make a plan, and chip away at making change. FOR SURE. But, we also need to be patient and give ourselves some wiggle room to mess up.

Marcus Aurelius may have come out of the womb with boundless amounts of patience and awareness and discipline, but the rest of us on a lifelong journey to find the promise land.

When someone tests me or I feel like I’ve failed someone in particular, I try to remember how “human” they have proven to be in the past. 

We’ve all been “there”.

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