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What Does It Feel Like?

posted by Heather January 17, 2020 0 comments

It’s really hard to understand what people are experiencing, or help them anticipate what something might feel like, if you haven’t been through it yourself.

My normal training routine has been shaken up this week from swapping classes to coach and hosting some injuries that require me to modify workouts that the rest of our classes are doing.

I covered Ben’s 8:30 class on Tuesday which meant I hadn’t done or seen the workout go down at all beforehand. And, my injuries have made it so I am doing different movements, sometimes in totally different time domains, than what I am later coaching my 11:30 class athletes through.

I don’t know when it starts to hurt or get really hard. I don’t know what’s helpful to be telling yourself when you’re in the middle of it. And, I don’t know it’s the right time to leave your comfort zone and test what your actually made of.

I just don’t know what it feels like.

And, it’s no surprise that it’s the same helpless feeling when someone you care about is looking to you for support or just even someone to make a connection with over whatever they’re struggling with.

Which is why I am keenly focused on making it my mission to listen with intent, ask questions that I am so eager to hear the answers to, and just overly motivated by.

I am motivated to expose myself to as many stories, experiences, and angles on life as people are willing to share with me. Because you just never know what you’ll learn. You never know when you gaining insight into another person’s life will arm you with a certain level of knowledge that will allow you to offer real support and that connection they are so desperate to find in you.

There’s no way for us to personally experience everything out there, but there is a way for us to widen our pool of knowledge so we can almost know what “it” feels like.

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