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Why I Love CrossFit, And Why I Go To The Gym Everyday

posted by Heather October 16, 2017 0 comments


A big girl robe, for my friend with an 11 year old girl robe.


This one goes out to the folks in the world that think CrossFit gyms are full of a bunch of self-absorbed exercise addicts that are so irresponsible with their own competitive nature that they’re willing to just go faster and harder until they ultimately get hurt.

Including pregnant women, but that’s a whole separate rabbit hole that I’ll go down at some point down the road.

I took my husband, Ben’s, class this morning.  At CFNE, our classes are 1 hour long.  But, what members don’t necessarily know is that coaches are required to be there and “on” at least 15 minutes early so that they can start the process of building their class community as athletes start to make their way into the building.

They’re there to do it all: meet and get to know any new members or drop-in’s there from out of town, check in with current members about anything from how their kids are doing in school to how their nutrition was over the weekend, touch base with anyone about any injuries they’re dealing with and how they can modify whatever the WOD is for that day, touch base on what happened in the Pats game or Game of Thrones, make fun of Tori for being so little, or even just check in with other coaches about what they did for mobility or how the flow of the room is working so far that day.

Then, it’s 10-15 minutes of mobility work to keep people’s joints and muscles healthy and safe.

Then, tons of technique to dial in good movement and warm movements up for the workout.

THEN, the workout that’s usually 7-12 minutes.

But, today was my favorite part of being an athlete at CFNE: the 10-15 minutes that was left by Ben, and every coach today, to show their classes a segment of a documentary on why sugar…and, the industries that sell it in it’s various forms…are hurting and killing us, our kids, and our communities…and, it’s all so controllable if we can just educate ourselves and have the determination to make healthier choices.

It was an intense presentation that had a lot of people, people who I would already call incredibly health conscious, walking out the door genuinely questioning the lifestyles they’re living and providing for their families and loved ones.

It called people out on the decisions they’re making about eating low and fat free foods so they don’t get fat, eating whole wheat and brown rice items thinking it’s the best option and alternative available, and feeding their kids products laced with various forms of sugar just because they ask for it, it’s “easier”, and because their friends are doing it.


Yes, we all like looking good, but that’s not what we’re really doing…and, should be trying to be doing better and better every single day.

Look, I’m married to this guy.  By default, our family lives a pretty clean lifestyle.  But, I left Ben’s class this morning fired UP to do better.  To create a better, healthier environment for the people in my life…be it my children, my parents, my closest friends, my ex-husband and his family, my mail carrier…EVERYONE.

If I’m being given access to this sort of information…information that can save lives and improve the quality of those lives…how can I not try to embrace that and share that with others?

The reason I’m writing all of this, though, is as an ode to the CrossFit community…and, to our CFNE community…and, to Ben as the leader of our community…because they are revolutionizing what “going to the gym” really means and what it all stands for.

We’re not going there 5-6 days a week to just make our shoulders more defined or our asses less flabby in a bikini.

We’re going to our gym to expose ourselves to all of this goodness, all of this rich information, and all of this positivity that will, literally, save our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

That is why I love CrossFit, and why I go to the gym every day.

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