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“You Never LOSE. You either WIN, or you LEARN.”

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This was driving me crazy. It’s the little things.

Paleo Power Meals to the rescue AGAIN.

UPS just kILLING it and making our lives so much easier by sending a bar code on your phone to scan instead of printing out a label at home.

Back in bacon business 🙂

Jonah’s a great person to ride in a car with, for any period of time, really.  He always comes up with these great topics of conversation that sometimes feel really forced when he asks the question, but always being epic and either thought-provoking or totally out of control.

And, as with most times that we have deep conversations, these moments are best when the little kids aren’t in the car to completely sabotage the whole thing in a variety of ways that only children under the age of 6 years old are capable of.

So, we’re on the way to the gym with Jonah last Saturday morning to train together while Mariah watched the little kids back at home.

Jonah and his friends have been trying to start this online “business” in their free time, which has been so interesting to watch.  Even if absolutely nothing comes from their hours of effort that’s already been put into it, they’re learning so much about things like inventory, investing, risk, checks, and Paypal.  It’s just a much better use of their time than playing video games, which is what I suspect they’re doing when they’re over at friends’ houses all the time.

They have had some “potential” great deals that are supposedly just about to happen, and then the buyer backs out or some other thing comes up that makes the whole thing fall through.  When that happens, they get sort of discouraged and bummed out about it, but they’ve been really good about keeping up with the momentum they have right now.

Ben and I are constantly listening to Podcasts, particularly ones about people’s stories of being successful in everything from sports to business to relationships.  It’s just the way we try to make the most of every minute, particularly whenever we’re driving by ourselves in the car.

On our drive to the gym last Saturday, we decided to dump all of our Podcast “knowledge” on him about adversity and how successful people deal with it, and overcome it.

I’m not going to go into detail about it, but it was a great personal reminder for me of what it’s like to go through the whole process of starting something and feeling the high and excitement of new beginnings, then experiencing let-downs and set-backs and feeling super discouraged even though you still believe in your dreams, and then getting that first big “hit” and something works.  Even if it’s just one little glimmer of hope, if you’re doing something you really love, one good step forward means you’re just getting started on your way.

We talked about how even if this online business is where he starts out and it doesn’t end up taking off, it’s still part of his journey.  It’s never a “waste of time”.

We talked with him about how Katrin says, “You never lose.  You either win, or you learn.”

It’s such a good way of saying what is so important to remember.

And, it’s like that with everything, right?

Every romantic relationship you have contributes to you having an even better one somewhere down the road.

Every game you lose teaches you a lesson that will help you win later on in the season.

Every workout you do and pace totally wrong teaches you how to pace a similar one the following week.

And, every time you overeat at a holiday party or drink too much and wake up hungover and miserable the next day will remind you the next time that it’s not worth the mental struggle that follows.

We wrapped up the conversation telling Jonah that the one thing that is consistent with every single success story we’ve ever heard of is that it was NOT an easy road to get to where they ended up.

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